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Custom Services

Custom LightSwitch™ Services

gene regulation services to accelerate your research

In addition to the many different products that make up the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System, Active Motif offers a wide variety of custom services that can help accelerate your gene regulation research. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our various services offerings.

LightSwitch™ Custom Cloning & Mutagenesis Services
LightSwitch™ Sequence Variant Assay Services
LightSwitch™ Pathway Screening Services
LightSwitch™ Response Element Screening Services
LightSwitch™ miRNA Target Validation Services
LightSwitch Custom Reporter Cell Line Services
LightSwitch Assay Development Services

To learn more, please give us a call or complete a Custom Services Information Request form.

You can also visit the web site of our affiliate, SwitchGear Genomics.